SMART 6.3 to 7.5.2 Migration Issue

Hello everyone,

Excited to test the new build SMART (7.5.2), but unfortunately, I encountered an issue during the upgrading/migrating process. Please see attached screenshot.

Does anyone know how to resolve it?


Before trying to restore/upgrade your backup, you need to install the required plugins in the new version of SMART 752 to match your old version. In this case, it’s saying you need to install the incident plugin.

To get to the plugins, do the following:

  • From the menu go to File > Install New Plugins…
  • Select the Local Update Site from the drop-down list
  • Check the box next to the plug-ins you want to install
  • Click Next
  • Complete the install process for the Plug-ins and restart SMART

You should then be able to restore your backup.


Thanks Drew it worked!


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Glad to hear it! Cheers -Drew

Please give a link to smart 7.5