SMART Connect 6.3- kicked off server

A couple days ago I uploaded a new CA to one of my SMART servers server. It should have been all syncing fine, then I see today that the person has been kicked off the server and all options to sync have gone from SMART desktop. What usually causes that?


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Hi Xia,
Is this a Connect server hosted by the SMART partnership or one hosted locally? It appears as if someone deleted the CA from Connect. Could that be the case? If so, it would have had to have been a user with Admin or ‘Delete Conservation Area’ permissions for that CA. Is there a matching CA (with the same UUID) in Connect?

HI Matt,
Its a server hosted by SMART. That is what it seems like, however that is not the case at all, the CA was not deleted and is still functional on my computer. Also I just re-downloaded it from the server and put it back onto his computer and now its is giving me this error :frowning: Something seriously wrong. I will send the log over shortly too.

Hi Xia,
I have noticed the same problem with the grayed out menu items for sync also several times with SMART Desktop 6.3. A quick restart of SMART Desktop was bringing back the menu items.

The second error is plainly a communication error. The so called REST Api call propably timed out

OK that’s an easy solution if that’s the case!

Thanks @Oliver for the solution, and @XStevens I’m glad to hear nothing was actually deleted!