SMART Connect trouble with Footer text

Hi there,

I have just joined to Connect platform. I uploaded my conservation area, created the URL for the private package, accessed my CA from my cellphone successfully, and the gathered data was exported automatically to the SMART Desktop once I opened it.

Really great so far!

But, then I kind of messed it up, because I wanted to change the style of my connect dashboard. I wanted to place the logos of the project and I pasted the HTML of those in <img src = ’ ____'.jpf>
at the Footer Text

Could you please check the server out? because now I just can see the logo of my project on the screen and I can’t even see the login screen.


@Jackie Could you please copy text over into a notepad or .txt file for all the formatting so it’s visible.

One thing you need to do is make sure that you size the image (if you haven’t…)

For example,

I have the following text for the attached header image:

> SMART Connect - Nunavut <img width='200' style='vertical-align:middle' img src=''>

Hi @drew.cronin

Thanks for your answer, but by now I can’t access to SMART Connect Dashboard, because the image I tried to paste in the footer text, is the only thing on the screen of my server.


@Jackie - Can you explain in more detail? What do you mean you can’t access the connect server?

The image replaced all the environment of SMART connect. Refreshing the page doesn’t work out and thus, I can’t even log in again in SMART connect.

@Jackie Not sure about best path forward - have you tried:

  • Going back
  • Opening a new browser window
  • Opening a different browser
  • Entering the main url manually
  • deleting your cache/page history

Assuming that’s not the cause and it’s the size of the image that’s the issue, can you try:

  • reducing the zoom on the page or the display ration of your computer
  • trying to scroll the page around to see if you can access the login

If those don’t work, let us know and we can see about escalating.

Hi @drew.cronin I have tried all of them
Could you please check my account on SMART Connect out?

Hi Jackie,
What is the URL for your Connect server?

Hi Matt,

This is

@oadolph this is one of our hosted servers, can we assist from the backend? Thanks!

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Hi @mharris I have already fixed it. I refreshed the page to at least momentarily see the username and password box (because when refreshing the page the big image disappeared for a sec). Then I reduced the zoom, as @drew.cronin suggested, and it worked out. Finally, I could erase the style to remove the image that was covering all the screen.

Thank you for the support!

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Great, thanks for letting us know Jackie!