Smart conservation error

Hi everybody, please can you help me to solve error on my Smart Version 6.3, when i am trying to export conservation area. Is saying “Conservation area failed. Could nor excute statememt and unable to adquire JDBC connection”.

Hi Elton,
Could you share the error log (Help > View Error Log) to help with troubleshooting?

Hi Matt, here are.

A quinta, 26/01/2023, 20:54, Matt Hron via SMART Community Discussions <> escreveu:

A domingo, 5/02/2023, 09:48, Elton Matavata <> escreveu:

Hello Elton,
The error log contains more technical details regarding the issues in the application. You can access it in SMART by going to the Help menu and selecting ‘View Error Log’. If you can send me that information as a file, it will help with troubleshooting this problem.

Thank you,

Hello Elton,
Is this issue still occurring, and if so, can you share the error log?