SMART Data Export and Sync with Earth Ranger

Hey there am new in SMART and wanted to know if there is a way of exporting accumulated data to csv-excel sheet? 2.Am also using Earth Ranger and i want to know a way i can integrate the incoming smart field data to earth ranger?

Hi. Yes you can export any or all observation data as a .csv from the query interface. Running a query with no filters will produce a csv with all the data.

There is an integration with Earthranger that allows you to view SMART data in the Earthranger interface.

Hello Truphena,
The attached ER admin guide outlines how the SMART → ER integration works and the steps necessary to configure it, starting on page 70. Let me know if you have any questions about any of the configuration, and you will need to contact the ER team ( to enable the service that will periodically poll your SMART Connect queries to bring new data into EarthRanger.

Note that we are working with the EarthRanger team to create an improved, bi-directional integration through the shared Gundi integration platform, and more information will be shared with the community once that is available.


EarthRanger Administration version 1.2.pdf (1.9 MB)

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hi rbergl,
thanks for the support, However all my exported data are zipped and in .xml so this means i have to extract then export my many data to ,csv? now,isnt there a way i can simply save my data on smart as csv then export it straight as .csv?

hey matt
Many thanks

What information do you want to export? If you want all the observations that have been made, create a patrol observation query with no filters, run it, then click “Export” (there is a button on the toolbar, and choose the file format you want. The options that are likely the most useful are .csv and shapefile. To get the track logs of the patrols, follow the same steps, but with a patrol query.