Smart error message

Good morning all.My SMART is not openning its giving this error message.Could not connect to the database .Check if another instant of smart is not running and try again .org hibernate .exception .Generic JDBCException :Unable to acquire JDBC connection.Is there something I may do you for the same SMART to open.I dont want to miss my unsynched patrols.Please help.

Hello Nonkutula,
I suggest restarting your computer as a first step, as that would clear up any stray SMART processes that might be running on your computer. Do you still get the error after restarting?

Good afternoon .Yes there was no change even after restarting . I later downloaded a CA from connect and lost 30 day data for K9 for a month.

Dear Nonkutula,

If this occurs in the future, you may want to take these steps:

  1. If you’re unable to sync with Connect, do not try to process the data in the data queue
  2. Create a system backup from within you CA
  3. Export any local changes you have made since last syncing with Connect
  4. Delete your CA from SMART desktop
  5. Re-download the CA from Connect
  6. Re-import any exported changes
  7. Sync (the connection should have been re-established)
  8. Process the data queue

Kind regards,


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hello friend, now i can’t connect to my smart connect can you help me?