SMART Mobile import


I am trying to import data from SMART Mobile to SMART but a message keeps popping up ‘No data from the device…’. I used two similar phones to collect the data but I was able to import data from one but the other didn’t.

Kindly assist.

Hi Matt, are you able to see the device connected in Windows Explorer? If you double-click into it, do you see the files on the device?

Yes I did. The files are on the device

Could you try copying them to the PC and then importing the JSON file?

Buenas tardes quisas sea la configuración del equipo tienes que entrar en modo desarrollador el teléfono y activar modo depuración USB, hay algunos teléfonos que necesitan esa configuración…

Hola pudiste solucionar el problema que tenías, quisas yo pueda ayudarte.

Did you do a backup of the smart mobile data? if it is the case, create a new folder on your computer and copy in the smart mobile data and try again to import it from your computer into smart. I fix the same problem and this is how I solve my own