SMART mobile package deleted from SMART desktop


I made a mistake and removed a SMART mobile package but the CA is still on the mobile app and the users can still log data and I do receive their data.

I just would like to make some changes in the configurable model but as it is not on SMART desktop anymore, I don’t know how to fix this.

Thank you for the help.

Kind regards,

Hi Marine,

I’m afraid there’s no way to recover deleted items (unless you have a backup of your database). You’ll need to recreate the package and share a new one if you need to modify the model in use.

If it is just the SMART Mobile package that was lost, recreate it using the same configurable model. If it is both the package and the configurable model that are lost you’ll need to recreate both.

Alternatively, if you have a recent backup of your database in which the configurable model exists you can restore this to a fresh installation of SMART and export it then import it to your active database.



Hi Alex,

The package is still present on SMART connect. I exported it from there and tried to import it on desktop but I get many error messages and therefore it does not work.

Without a doubt, the package still works but just does not appear on my desktop anymore.

Hi Marine,

Oh, I see. There’s currently no mechanism to import the package back into a CA or into a new CA. So, even if we can access it on the server we won’t be able to import it back into your CA for further modifications.

In this case you’ll need to redesign a new package if you want to make changes and have field teams download the new package.

As you’re using Connect I hope it won’t be too difficult to get this to them.