SMART Mobile retains observations even if the confirm/tick button is not pressed

In SMART Mobile, if you select an observation and go to the point of the screen with attributes being visible, then use the back button to return to the Make/Add Observation page, the observation is listed there even if you did not press the confirm/tick button to record it. You have to manually swipe/delete the observation. This can be challenging for users who are not sure where to find a particular observation in the configurable model, as they can’t look for the item and then back out with having to delete it each time. Ideally, an observation would not be recorded unless the tick button is pressed.

Phone UX has a mix of what back means. In most cases, back does not mean erase any changes that I have made on the current page. This shows up a lot more in demo scenarios, because people click back to avoid waiting for a GPS reading.

The plan for the next release of SM is to prompt the user when they have pressed back to confirm that they will lose any changes they have made.


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