SMART Mobile stuck/slow in the project title

Hi There, I got the problem with SMART Mobile all versions. It’s freeze and slow on the project. I try to uninstall and reinstall, But it works for a couple days, and it begins to freeze again. Please have a look with the photo below.

Please give me some advices.

Hi Mengtry,
Please send me a bug report.
You can find the instructions here:


Hi Justine,
Thanks for your prompt reply.
Here is the bug report I had saved from SMART Mobile.

Hi Mengtry,
I see this is from build 365, which is quite old. I was not able to reproduce your issue on newer builds.
Could you please try build 385 from here:


Thanks Justine,
Here is the bug report from SMART Mobile 385.

When we install for the first time, it works normally.
After using couple days, the SMART Mobile in the project section. It’s stuck and slow.

Thanks, I am guessing that it is working fine right now. Could you please send me a report when it is in this slow state?

I am not sure, I can do that because it stuck on the project, I can’t click something or save the bug report. But let me try. And will feed back to you soon. Thanks, Justin

You do not need to enter the project in order to capture the bug report. Once you launch the app, go to the “Settings” button in the lower right corner and scroll to the bottom.

@mengtry As we discussed the best plan of action for your site is to upgrade to SMART 7 and the newer versions of SMART mobile

@justinsteventon I will assist Mengtry to do the upgrade and we’ll then have some training for him and his team