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News article mentioning SMART - These new technologies could transform wildlife conservation

Artificial intelligence, environmental DNA and networked sensors are among the technologies with the highest potential to improve wildlife conservation, according to recent research - These new technologies could transform wildlife conservation | TheHill


From twitter - SMART use in Kazbegi National park, Georgia, really cool! -

Thanks to SMART Partner WWF, great to celebrate the amazing work of Rangers in Bhutan! - “The ‘SMART Patrol’ approach is a conservation tool that is used worldwide and supports rangers in their efforts to protect wildlife from poachers and other threats. Data such as wildlife sightings and illegal activity are logged through the SMART app and are then used to help rangers adapt their patrols based on the location of threats. Since 2012, thanks to the help of SMART and other conservation measures, tiger numbers in Bhutan’s Royal Manas National Park have doubled — an incredible and hard fought conservation success.” Link - 12 WAYS TIGERS MADE A COMEBACK IN 12 YEARS | WWF

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