SMART Project In Mozambique

Good morning everyone

My name is Cristóvão and I write from Mozambique. I have been a SMART user since 2015 with some intermittence.

I was recently hired by a government entity that manages all conservation areas in Mozambique to perform the duties of an law enforcement officer. The network of conservation areas in the country is composed of approximately 45 conservation areas (between terrestrial and marine), few of which use SMART.

With my new role, I took the initiative to modernize and computerize the information management model in conservation areas, designing a central database managed by the entity that hires me and which also encompasses all conservation areas in the country.

The objective is to systematize all the information generated by the conservation areas in terms of law enforcement.

In this project, dealing with complex I would like to get support and support from those who can help for design and implementation.

If there is anyone or an organization that can help, I would be very grateful.



Hi Cristóvão - has anyone reached out to you at all in this regard? If not I am certainly happy to chat about how we can assist. We use SMART for law enforcement in the private reserves on the West of the Kruger National Park so we would both envariably have some overlap as well. If you need to contact me personally my email is

Hi Cristovao,

Congratulations on your new role and the amazing initiative!

In the SMART Partnership, there are many partners supporting the roll out of SMART nationally in different countries and I am sure they can share their experience and maybe any documentation. We also have in the Community Forum representatives from government agencies from different countries who are deploying SMART nationally and maybe they can also share their experience.

Congratulations again and keep telling us how we can support you.

Obrigada :slight_smile:



FFI and wcs have also been doing smart work in Mozambique. Are you in touch with them?


Hi Cristovao

I have chatted to Monica and will be in touch


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Thanks so much Denton!

@Cristovao2 other SMART partners that may be able to share their experience about developing a data model for national adoption are @Alex_Wyatt @drew.cronin @XStevens



Thanks Denton, can you share your email with me please.

Thanks Mónica, I will interact with them.

How do I get his emails so I can write to them.

I have tagged them here so they can reply to you. Thanks!