Species Tree - looking for ideas

A project we are working with on using SMART for wildlife health data, wants to make it easier to create, maintain and share species information.

Their ideas include:

  1. Creating a tool where you upload a shapefile, then get to download a species tree based on say, the know species from the red list in the area.
  2. Standardizing species tree keys (currently two data models from the same organization could each have the same species but could have created different keys - making reporting harder). The idea here would be to have a way to update a species tree across multiple CAs so they share the same keys
  3. Seeing if there are other “species” attributes that people use (e.g. Unknown)

I’d love to hear if there is interest from any others here

I think you should standardize the data according to your needs.

I suggest you review the terms of the Darwin Core standard, that will help you to share and mobilize the data if necessary.

You can check the following link

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I think the standardized keys for species lists is a great idea. It would certainly help in a CCAA situation I’m working on


Can you elaborate a bit more on your needs? For example which of these apply to your needs:


I’m not sure if you intended to include a list in your message but I can’t see your examples.
We have a number of species list needs for the purpose of standardising across multiple private reserves for their game counts (animal species), bush surveys (tree and bush species) and grass surveys (grass species).
Is that the kind of thing you referred to in item 2 on your original post?