Split observations from a single waypoint


I have a question regarding multiple observations made from a single location. We have a situation where one of the data collectors created multiple observations, but the coordinates were saved only once. As a result, all these observations are linked to a single waypoint.

Is there a way to automatically split these observations, e.g. to create copies of waypoints with the same coordinates but having only one observation per point? Then, based on the provided correct coordinates we would be able manually edit their locations. Our current solution involves manually creating waypoints within the patrol and then adding observations manually as well. However, I was wondering if there is an automated method to streamline this process.

Looking forward to your advice or suggestions.

Dear Iurii,

No. This function exists specifically to link observations to the same location and thus each attribute will have only this waypoint data associated with it.

There’s no way to automate the process. You’ll need to do this manually in the patrol / incident. I.e. open the observations, add waypoint, manually input the observations for each and edit the existing observations, as you’ve already discovered.

Sorry I could not be of more help.

Kind regards,