Survey Design -Ecological Plugin


I am trying to design a survey from scratch for both our driven and walked transects, noting; different taxa, counts, sex, condition, activity etc.

If you could assist me with any of the following questions, or direct me to the appropriate resources I would be most greatful:

  1. Why does the Survey design ask for you to select a configurable model, if you then have to input the mission properties and attributes from scratch?

  2. Will users in the field need to fill in every attribute each time, despite some only being relevant to certain taxa?

  3. Cybertracker design is more intuitive to me, as it allows you to curate pathways based on previous selections - is there any way to do this in SMART? If not, how easy is it to sync Cybertracker data with SMART and dashboard etc. -would Cybertracker data ever be displayed on maps etc?

Please let me know if anything isn’t clear. I massively appreciate your help!

Many Thanks

Hi Michelle,

Have you already reviewed the Survey Manual? This should detail most of the concepts. Particularly your question 1.

For question two and three, you have the option to use conditional data entry which may help? See page 276 of the technical training manual for some guidance here.

CyberTracker (Classic) is still supported in SMART 7 but is less suitable for use with the software. You can learn more with the SMART Mobile manual.

Kind regards,