Sync Connect Geometry Error

Hi all,

I keep having this error when I sync data from connect. It was already in the forum at it was marked as resolved in the new smart 7.5 version. However, we are getting it again. We are using SMART 7.5 and the latest version of smat mobile.
Thank you

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Hi Lina,

I believe you are discussing this with the team already. It would be interesting to know if any data you expect to be present is not present in the imports.

Otherwise, we hope to find a solution shortly and post it here.



Hi Alex, so far I think we are not loosing data but I will be checking. Thank you

Hi Lina,
can you send the full JSON data that is in the message box?
I just figured out that there might be a problem with the last waypoint of a patrol. When the patrol gets stopped by the user the time is recorded in the system without the milliseconds. But waypoints always have the milliseconds in the data. So suddenly the last waypoint seems to be after the end of the patrol, if only by a few milliseconds.
The easiest way to get around that problem is to add one second to the end time of such a patrol in SMART Desktop