Text attribute not working properly in smart

I have encountered something funny with text attributes in SMART. When typing information as free text, the screen is just white, and I can’t see what I am typing. When I press back to the main screen with other attributes, I then see that whatever I had typed is showing.

Please assist me with some advice on how to fix this because I have tried troubleshooting in vain. Anyone who can help me urgently?

@Clarine - can you provide some more information, e.g., mobile version number, are you seeing this on multiple phones, etc?

Hi Clarine,

I am guessing this is a Samsung device. The easiest fix is to install the Google Keyboard off the play store. There is something funky with the Samsung keyboard that does this.


Exactly, all new samsung device will have blank white when type text attribute. Installing google keyboard will resolve that.

Thank you so much for your feedback. I think Justin and Lily are right because I am using a new Samsung phone. I have been troubleshooting with James offline, and he does not seem to have this issue with the device on his end. So, let me install the Google Play Store keyboard and test it.

Many thanks to you all for your help. You have saved the day!

Working fine now. Asante sana!

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