There is track recording issue in SMART Version 6

The current version 6.3.0 has track recording issue. It is not able to record the track when phone’s screen is off. This issue surfaced when the there was news of upgradation software version or SMART7 release. It always gives a straightline instead of proper track record. Looking for your kind advice on this matter. Thank you.

Hello Gyeltshen,
It sounds like your device is configured such that your GPS goes to sleep when the screen is off. This may be done to limit battery usage on the device, but when this battery optimization is enabled, you won’t get GPS tracks when the phone screen is off. To avoid this problem, please take a look at the battery optimization settings on your phone.

Android 7:

Settings>Battery>Standby intelligent power saving (off)

Settings>Battery>three dot menu button>Battery optimization>All apps>Smart mobile/Cybertracker>Don’t optimize

Android 8:

Settings > Apps & Notifications > See All Apps > Cybertracker / Smart Mobile > Battery > Background Activity (Toggle to ON) > Battery Optimization > All apps (from dropdown menu) > Cybertracker / Smart Mobile > Don’t Optimize

Let me know how it goes.


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Thank you for your response. I have tried changing the setting in location and worked.


we have been having this problem for a while (SMART desktop 6.3.0, SMART Mobile 1.0.385), with various mobile phones (e.g. Samsung, Huawei, android 9).

We assumed it was because the phone would sleep, so we set all the battery settings to avoid optimization + installed SMART Mobile and selected YES when asked if to avoid battery optimization for this app. We also installed an app called GPS locker which keeps the GPS activated to prevent it going to sleep. Unfortunately we keep getting gaps in our patrol trajectories which are then connected by straight lines.

If there is anything else we could try please let us know! Thank you.

@josip.kusak - this thread may help you with the sleep mode issue you encountered. Thanks!

Thanks! Will try to dig everywhere, in my Android 12 and let you know the outcome.

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