Tracking SMART mobile update changes

Is there a good way of keeping track of what is changing in terms of user experience in updated versions of Smart mobile?
We’ve been using 385 and in switching to 411 I’ve discovered for e.g. that a long press is needed to stop a patrol. This is the sort of thing we’ll need to roll out with training so it would be useful to have a list of such changes to refer to.

Hi Jeremy,

Hi Jeremy,

Great question.

When a new build becomes available, I have been sharing it with testers with information about what is new. I also add the feature to this compilation here - which should be updated to the latest version of Mobile (Build 422).

I suggest you try to always use the latest version of Mobile for training as it will often include bug fixes and hopefully the updated list of features and the updated manual (being reviewed at the moment) will help.

Not sure what others think but I am happy to put together a list of updated features per build if that helps that we can keep updated on the website.



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Hi Jeremy,

We do not expect any more UI changes before the release of 7.5.

Once SMART Mobile has been fully released, we will have a process in place to document changes as they happen.

If your users are very sensitive to changes, then we recommend installing the APK version rather than the store (Apple App Store, Google Play Store) version. This way, there will be no unexpected updates.

We do generally need to be quite conservative with changes moving forward.