Unkown error when exporting patrol package

Hello, I am just exploring the new SMART version, and I cant export the patrol package to SMART mobile. According to the message is an “unknown error”.


What could it be?


Hi Jackie

Do you have a picture of where you are exporting the Patrol Package to?(Connect, Mobile, Desktop etc)


Hi Denton, I am exporting the patrol package from SMART Desktop (7.5.6) to SMART Mobile (1.0.453, the one available from playstore)


Hi Jackie,

Can you let us know what kind of device you are using? I assume you have installed SMART Mobile on the device already?

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Hi @rbergl, yes I have already installed the app. I was trying to export the patrol package to SMART mobile on two different devices (Tab Galaxy S2 and Infinix note 12 pro). I have also verified that my USB cables work well, and got sure that the devices have the file transfer mode on.


Hi Jacjkie, USB debugging is ok?

I’m having the same issue using the Ulefone armour 14 in Namibia. But only when attempting a patrol package export on a Windows 11 computer (it works fine on Windows 10) using the SM 448 Build in latest SMART 7.5 version. I am able on both OSs to install the apk files for SM and also import patrols into SMART desktop from the device.

Hi Jeff,

Can you check if you can access the Internal Storage of the phone from your Windows 11 machine?
If it’s a USB driver issue, you might find some information in the Windows EventVwr application.

Thanks Oliver, I’ll try to examine the drivers. But I could access the internal files on the phone via the laptop since our workaround was to manually move the patrol package zip file into the correct folder on the phone.

USB debugging should be on? I have turned it on for both devices, and I can’t export the package yet.

Hey Jmuntif, thank you very much for sharing your experience. Actually,I succeded exporting the package as you mentioned with windows 10 instead of windows 11.


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