Waypoint come out as a straight line

Hi again everyone,

I’ve got a confuse error on my smart program after I import the waypoint and track into the SMART program, waypoints are show as this picture (waypoint 100 to 116)

So I’m back to recheck the GPX file export from the Garmin GPS 76CSx model but there aren’t show any mistaken point (Waypoint 100 -116)

If anyone have seen this problem before please feel free to share any suggestion and solution to solve this.


@panach Are you referring to the set of points in a straight line in the middle of the patrol? …If so, I’ve definitely not seen that before. Have you tried visualizing the GPX file in another platform to see if it displays appropriately? That would be my first step. If they look out of place in another program, then it’s an issue with the GPX or coordinates, rather than SMART.