When can I upgrade to SMART 7?

We’ve received the release candidate version from the vendor and are testing this - we are hoping to have this available in June 2022.


Yes, I’m on SMART 7 release, it’s having quite a few problems. I hope it will be put to use soon.

¿Cuándo se lanzará de manera oficial la versión del SMART 7?

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Hi there,

Thank you for your question.

We have just shared the latest build of SMART 7 with our testers yesterday. Depending on the testing results and feedback, we can go to to managed release in the coming weeks with a public release closely afterwards.

We will keep the community updated through the Forum and there is also a sign-up sheet for SMART 7 on the website here - SMART 7 Release

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I am very interested and I hope that in SMART 7 there will be multiple choices in the team selection and some in the other selection in the query, because that’s what I feel since the first time I used it in mid-2012, to export the results of the team A and Team B queries, you have to do 2 times and is very inconvenient and time consuming