WMS mapping service - NAFI - not all maps are working

Hi all,

we are having an issue with the WMS mapping service within Smart Desktop.

We are trying to access the fire scars maps provided by NAFI through their WCS service:

When we do so and add some of the maps available from the service ( https://www.firenorth.org.au/public?request=GetCapabilities ) only one of the multiple maps is working: “Fire Frequency long term”
We are using SMART Desktop 7.5.7

When using QGIS, we can access all the maps available in the WMS service so we are wondering what is going on.

Here is the process we are following:

1- Adding a data source - Web Map Server

2 - Entering the URL

3 - Selecting the resources

4 - Import is successful - 4 new resources are added but 3 of them have a cross on them, only “Fire Frequency long term” is accessible - The other resources are not visible.

Would anyone be able to help with this issue?

Thank you,


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Hi Xavier,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I tested this and experienced the same issue. However, I noticed the images would refresh, and the layers would be updated on SMART Maps, however if another layer was added or the map began to render once again, the same issue would resurface. I suspect a rendering issue and I will get back to you soon with a solution or workaround.



Thank you James,

let me know if you need me to do some testing.