1) Sending of data from Smart MOBILE when out of signal

I have noticed twice now in the last week, when I have submitted observations on SMART mobile, the observation has not sent through immediately to the server as is normally the case. This is presumably due to connectivity issues (which are also a result of the extensive load shedding), however, once I am connected again, it is still not sending. I have also then tried to export and it won’t let me export either - it keeps telling me there is a connection error, however, at that stage my internet connectivity is fine. Regardless of what I try, the observation will not send at all. I am then unable to do anything further - it won’t let me export - which then has its own issues one of course being that I am unable to upgrade while I still have observations in my history and the only way I can then clear it is to delete the entire project and re-install, which is obviously not ideal. I also need to take screen shots of the completed observation and re-enter it into Smart Mobile with the hope that it will go through the 2nd time. Any suggestions behind this - is there a setting I have not selected properly that is not allowing for the observation to send once back in signal, or is this possibly a little bug?

Hi Debbie,

Connectivity has two parts, network and SMART server. It is possible that you are connected to the network, but the SMART server is not responding.

Could you check out the following section from the user manual and see if it helps:


This feature is designed for cases where the server is not accepting data.


Many thanks for this Justine. I have gone through this as per Section 9.2 which seems to be able to correct it in theory, however, when I then go to Smart Mobile on my Smart Desktop and import the CTDATA… file I get the following error stating that Category is not found for uuid??? (see image below) and if I then go to my Field Data Independant Incidents section, the observation has not been brought through

Hi Debby,

Did you delete any categories from your data model?