๐Ÿ—บ Add your site to the SMART map!

Hello SMART Community!

:pushpin:Is you site on the SMART wiki map on our website? Check it out - https://smartconservationtools.org/SMART-Community/Map-of-sites

If you site is not there, please add it/them so we can support the SMART network globally.

Adding your site, allows you and others to see who is using SMART near you or in a similar environmental context/use cases, allows the SMART team to plan trainings and it also gives us important metrics to understand how SMART is being used in different regions.

:pushpin:Here is a simple guide to help you add your sites - How to add your SMART site to the community map on the SMART website_Updated.pdf - Google Drive

If you need assistance, please ping me and I can help out.



Hi SMART Community,

We have just under 1,200 sites on the SMART wiki map on the SMART website, is your site there yet? If not, please use the guidance from the post above to add your sites, it is simple and only takes a few minutes!

Thank you!