Adding a Web Map Service (WMS) map to your SMART basemap and/or SMART Mobile

This question comes up a lot… You can add a WMS via the “add data” feature in the map tab and then save that map as a basemap. To use that in your SMART Mobile pacakage, select the basemap you’ve saved with the WMS when configuring your mobile package and be sure to set the bounds and min/max zoom appropriate to your site.

I’ve created a PDF with some simple instructions to walk through this because I always have to remind myself how to do this too. They’re attached here: Add a WMS to SMART basemap.pdf (1.3 MB)

The WMS I’ve seen used most commonly is Open Street Maps:

I’ve also recently come across this one which looks good too:

It would be great to hear if anyone else as any good WMS recommendations!


Yes to this. Would be great to have a satellite imagery in SMART Desktop. You can have satellite imagery background in the mobile app. Has anybody found way to do this in Desktop?