Adding patrol information in a dynamic text box

Good day everyone.

I am trying to add an executive summary using a dynamic text box for a report I am writing that includes some basic information from the patrols, namely: start and end date of patrol, total distance travelled for patrols, total number of days patrolled, number of patrol hours, number of rangers for patrol period, and the different species directly observed. This report is going to be used for different reserves so the text needs to autopopulate.

So far I have tried: 1. Binding datasets to the dynamic text box and using available expressions from “Available Column Bindings” in the expression builder, none of these work and the report excludes this section completely. e.g., row[“Number of Days (All)”] (picture attached).
2. Using different expressions taken from tables - e.g., measure [“Number of Days (All)”], row[“Number of Days (All)”].

Has anyone tried to do something similar, and if you did, how did you manage to include this information?

I am using SMART 6.
I am a bit of a rookie with SMART.

Thank in advance

Hi Alex

I think there is no SUM function on Dynamic text.

To resolve your problem,
- add your dataset to report layout (drag and drop)
- Insert aggregation to SUM your dataset
- Insert row below
- Merge cell of that row added
- Insert dynamic text to that row, and you can use your aggegation before.
-Hide the visibility of other row

Lili Sadikin

Hi LiliSadikin.
Thank you so much, it worked perfectly.
Absolute life saver.