Android Blackview BV7100 and Ouktel WP16 smartphone devices


Does anyone here have field experience with these smart phones models?
The Blackview BV7100 and the Ouktel WP16
Which one would you recommend for field data collection?

Thanks in advance.

We haven’t used this specific model, but have used many different Blackview phones. In general we have found them to be high quality and reliable. I am not familiar with the Ouktel phones, but we have also used a lot of the Ulefone Power Armor phones. These are what we are using the most of at present.

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Hi Stanley

Comparing the specs on these two devices, the Blackview BV7100 has a thirty percent larger battery with similar sized screen, and memory but the Ouktel has a better camera (20MP vs 12MP). If these were the only two locally available options, I’d probably go with the one with larger battery as it gives you more flexibility in the field. What are the differences in cost between the two? Obviously the cheaper model allows you to purchase more units for a given budget.


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Thanks Richard, this is helpful.

Thanks Tony.

The Blackview model was cheaper compared to the Ouktel model. With your valuable recommendation we will go with the blackview model.