Any advice for low connectivity in the field?

Hello everyone,
To send patrol data using SMART Connect, our rangers are using mobile data caonnection. In a very remote area, the mobile data connection are generally slow and sometimes, we have lost patrol data. There are two types of errors relating to it: 1. part of the patrol data has been sent to the server but might be incomplete, so when we do the data queue processing it was not validated/imported into SMART. 2. Data has been disapeared in the SMART Mobile (handheld device) but not even seen in the SMART server. Does anyone have any advice to solve this please? Reducing image size or number of images taken can help but sometimes, we need the high resolution image as a proof of the observation.
Thanks in advance,

Hey @Angeloramy

Here are some steps to solve your problem :point_down:

  • The app retains the progress of the upload and finishes it later.
  • You should protect your information.
  • to speed up uploads, reduce the size of files.
  • locate wifi hotspots or regions with good reception.
  • Keep your mobile and server software up to date for optimal performance.

I hope this will be helpful for you.

In areas with low reception consider a Cellular Signal Booster.