Attributes not pulling through from Data model to Config model (SMART 6.3)

Me again! Just separating issues into different topics in case it’s useful for anyone troubleshooting the same issues in the future.

I’m helping a site build their configurable models from their data model and finding that when I “Add categories” in the config model it is not pulling through all the attributes under that category from the data model. Sometimes it pulls in all attributes (as normal), sometimes only some, sometimes none and only the category name itself.
This is on SMART 6.3. It only seems to be happening for one of the CAs I’m working with, others function as expected.

Thanks in advance for any insights

Hi Lisa,
I’ll connect with you offline to look at some specific examples. I suspect what you’re seeing is the difference between adding in a top-level category, which may not have any attributes itself and simply organizes the hierarchy, and an observation-level category, which has the specific set of attributes relating to that type of observation. I’ll circle back to the forum with what we find.

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Matt was absolutely right on this one. I’d forgotten that only direct attribute “children” of a given category are pulled through, not any sub-categories and their attributes.
Sorted now, thanks Matt

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