Basemaps in SMART Mobile - Syncing?

Hi All and @Justin Specifically,

Is there a way to load up a basemap ONLY on the device so it doesn’t clog up my SMART desktop and cause issues with syncing?

For research teams I need to load up many high res satellite maps to my SMART package so the field teams can use it for navigation, the only issue is that each map is about 1GB and therefore it makes my desktop bulky, and also makes syncing to the server impossible. It would be ideal if I could load up the map just to the device only (even if that meant loosing the map and having to reinstall it each time we update the project).

Is this possible?

Thanks In Advance!!

Hi Xia,

Is your map an .mbtiles file? If so, just put it on the device and then use the Offline Maps feature (off the main Settings page) and add it.

If you have multiple layers or different formats, then you can put them in a ZIP file and add that. More documentation here:
Offline maps | CyberTracker Wiki


Hey Justin, Just letting you know we’ve gone the route of loading the basemap into SMART desktop, send it to the device and then remove it back off SMART desktop before syncing again. This seems to be working well.

Awesome, thanks for letting me know!