CA delete from connect

Dear Team,

My SMART desktop got corrupted and was synced to SMART CONNECT I therefore decided to delete the CA from Connect, so as to replace it. My problem is this, from SMART CONNECT the CA has been showing DELETING for five days now when I log into Admin page. CA had a total of 13,755 Patrols which I don’t think should take this long to delete from Connect. Any idea how to go around this please share.
Thank you

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Dear Enock,

Do your patrols have any attachments e.g images? Also how is your internet connection?


Dear Rumbi,
No there are no attachments to my patrols. I am not quite sure how strong my internet connection is bcoz I left this deleting in our office over the weekend (on the office DESKTOP) using WIFI since Wednesday last week, but whenever I log onto SMART Admin I still see the same status “DELETING”.
Thank you for the follow up. Still no Solution hence more Ideas are highly welcomed

Hi Enock,

Can you log your issue here please - SMART Connect Issues Report Form - Form by Asana


Hi Rumbi,
I’ve done exactly as you have advised waiting for a response from that end.
Thank you

Hi Enock,

Thanks for logging the issue, here is the recommendation:
The problem is most of the time related to a database timeout during the deletion of a big CA.
The solution is to either delete everything manually or to reset the status of the CA in the database back from “DELETING” to “DATA”.
As a first try to solve the issue I did the later.
The user should try again to delete the mentioned CA. If that is not successful, please let us know and we can delete it for you.
Thanks @Rumbi too for your help here.


I also noticed this issue. It started happening about a month ago. The server administrator has to manually delete the stuff from the backend.