Can SMART be used for floristic characterization?

Hello everyone. I’m wondering if this software can be used to collect floristic information related to Enviromental Impact Studies. The information collected is about diameters, heigths, abundance of species. It says it is easy to use but I don’t really found ways to enter this kind of information for a survey using plots.

Also, if the question above is affirmative, I’d like to know if it is possible to access to the information of this type from other users around the world. The aim of this request is to study the diversity composition of protected areas in Colombia.

Thank you for your response!


YEs, SMART can certainly be used to collect this kind of information. Just about any kind of observational data can be collected in SAMRT, but you have to configure the database to collect what you want. as a first step I would recommend reviewing the user manual, especially the section on the data model, to understand how this works.

In terms of sharing data, SMART users can only access their own data, or data that others have actively chose to share externally by providing login information to SMART Connect, or providing data exports.

Hope this helps.