Can we export patrols to excel?

Hey there,

a brief question, Can we export our patrols to Excel? or we can only do queries to export the info in xls type?


Hi Jackie

I only format I see export to is, xml. The workaround you can use is open the the xml file in Excel. The formatting options in Excel are -
you can choose the read only Workbook - import it and change the permissions to edit. The column names will have xml nodes and you can rename the columns.

I will also check with the Dev team

What are you trying to do with this data? You can also query the Patrols data under Reports for your use.

Yes, there is not a way to export a whole patrol to anything other than an XML, which is really just useful for loading it into another SMART instance.

You can export various parts of a patrol, but it depends on what parts of the Patrol you want:

Patrol Track - there are two options: 1)go to the patrol, map view, right click on the “track” layer and export to a shapefile
2)Do a patrol query for that single patrol, then export as shapefile to get the track.

Patrol Observations - do a Patrol Observation Query and filter on the specific patrolId you want, export the results as CSV(tabular data) and/or shapefile(spatial locations)

General Patrol Data/metadata - use a Patrol Query, filter on the patrolID, export the results as CSV (tabular data) or shapefile(patrol track, same as #2 above)

Most of the above options will also work on many patrols, so you could do a patrol query for the Month of Sept, export to a shapefile and that would be the patrol tracks for all patrols in Sept you could then use in a another GIS etc.