Changes from Smart Connect

Hello, is there anyone that can help me with this? have you ever received such a notice?
I am not able anymore to sync any changes.
How can I solve it?


Hi Paola,

Do you have multiple users accessing / editing / processing data into the database?

This looks like a case of 2+ users attempting to modify the same item which is causing a conflict when trying to synchronise.



Hi, yes we have multiple users but it happens even if only one user is synchronising, while others are disconnected. Do you have any idea how I can solve?

Hi Paola,

This can still happen if for example:

User #1 logs in, modifies a patrol (or any other modifications - in this case it looks like modifications to one of the EMPLOYEES), synchronises and logs out then…

User #2 logs in, makes modifications and then synchronises. If user #2 does not synchronise with the server first, or the changes made by User #1 have not been downloaded successfully on initial login, you can still end up modifying the same aspects of the database which causes the error when then trying to upload these changes to the server.

To avoid this it is advised to have some procedures and processes in place for how users are interacting with the database and, if you have multiple analysts, when they are logging in to process data and make modifications.

To get around this error I would export any local changes you’ve made and then replace the local CA with the version on the server. Then implement these procedures/processes to avoid this occurring again.



Thank you Alex for the explanation.
Bu I can’t upload to Connect , I have this error:
“Local copy not up to date. You must t download and apply changes from the server before you can upload any changes.”
and I can’t download from Connect.

How can I hence export local changes?

Hi Paola,

Yes, we don’t want you to upload your changes here. Please allow me to explain in more detail:

  • Export any changes you’ve made locally on your copy of the CA in SMART desktop - i.e. any new queries saved, report templates, new patrols processed etc. Save this to your hard drive.

  • Back up your system (File > System Backup)

  • Go to Connect > Advanced > Replace CA with CA from Connect - this will erase your local copy and replace it with the version on the server

  • Manually import any data exported in step 1

  • Synchronise with the server



It doesn’t work, I have this error when I try to replace CA

and when i retried

Now it disconnected me and I can’t no more see my CA in the login.
I tried to import it (after downloaded from Connect) or download from the server but it doesn’t work.
Any idea? I am very concerned

Dear all,
I am still in the same situation. I had a synchronisation problem between two admin users, so following the instructions of other users I saved the local changes, made backups, and downloaded the CA from the server.
Now I try to import the downloaded CA, or replace it (Advanced) but everything crashes with the message

**System restored to previuos state . **
org.hybernate.exception.GenericJDBCException: could not execute statement

and there is nothing I can do. My CA has disappeared from the login options and I no longer know how to log in.

Can you give me feedback so I don’t stop using Smart?
I work on macOS, but I have the same problem if I try to install and log in from Windows.

Hi Paola,

Terribly sorry for the delay in response. This appears to be an issue with your Connect server.

Can you share details of your Connect server (url)?

In the meantime, you can try re-installing SMART and downloading the CA into this new installation in case there is an issue with your software (which this last error indicates).