Changing attribute data of observations


If one of our rangers made a mistake collecting data, how can I change it? After importing the data in SMART, I noticed that you can edit an observation. But I can’t figure out how to edit it if it has to be changed to a different type of observation. For example, an observation of a dead animal was recorded in “Wildlife-Direct Observations” instead of in “Mortality/Carcass”. Is there any way to fix this?

Thank you

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Hi Phillip,

You can only make edits to the attributes within the observation and not change the entire observation. However, you can add an observation to the same waypoint. Once you click the “Edit observation” button (which appears as a 3-dot button once you double click and observation), click “Next”. This will display your data model, and then you can select your correct observation type e.g. “Mortality/Carcass” and enter your observation details. I would suggest taking note of the observation attribute values and then entering them under the correct observation type. When completed you can then delete the wrongly entered observation.

Hope this is helpful.