Changing Unique System ID

Hello everyone

Previously, I did have one Conservation Area (CA) which was composed of three protected areas and there are patrol data in this large CA. Later it was agreed that each protected area should have its own CA thus I created those CA by editing the existing CA by modifying employee list and PA boundaries. However, when users upload their CA to the Connect Server it pops the error message that the CA exists. This is because all the CA have the same Unique System ID.

Therefore, I’m asking if there is a way of changing the Unique System ID without creating a New CA either from the scratch or using existing CA as a template.


Hi Abraham,

I’m afraid there’s no way to manually change the CA ID. In this case you will need to create new CAs.

Provided the meta-data and data models are the same you can export from your existing CA and import to your newly created CAs.



Hi Alex

Thank you for your feedback. I thought there could be another way, otherwise that is what I did.


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