Class java.lang.String Error when running report

Hey there,

I need to have the IDPatrol as a parameter for my report. So, I erased the date parameters and created the one I want.


In my data sets, I erased the date parameters as well, and added the IDPatrol one.

But when running the report I get this error

Any idea on how to solve it?

Thanks in advance

When you add the parameter to your data set, did you setup the “Linked to Report Parameter” field and select “Yes” to the question about updating the linked settings?:


You probably have to re-do that setting if you did it before you removed the start and end date parameters as well.

Hey @jeffloun, I did.

At the end, I created the ID patrol parameter and let the date one too. I think it would be better that only the first one appear when running the reports. However, since the ID patrol is unique, I am setting the “last 30 days” in the date.

But If there is any idea on how to optimize the window of the parameters and solve my problem I will be glad to read it.


If your new parameter works when you leave the old parameters there, it might just be that you haven’t removed all references to the old paramaters? Go through all of the “data sets” in your report and make sure there is no useage of the old parameters on the “parameters” tab of each one, then maybe you can remove the old parameters to clean up your run screen.