Configuring SMART Mobile Kiosk mode to allow Essential Apps

Hello @justinsteventon,
Is there a possibility to configure SMART Mobile Kiosk mode to allow the use of essential Apps like Calling and Messaging?
The challenge is that we want to restrict the use of the internet bundle for SMART data export while allowing phone use for communication.

I hope to hear your guidance

I’ll let @justinsteventon comment on the technical feasibility in the future. As of now, this isn’t possible - to my knowledge - due to the nature of the kiosk configuration. It’s something we’ve raised before (e.g., being able to also access wifi config to connect to new wifi networks), but I think it’s really challenging if kiosk mode is meant to function properly.

If you have a requirement to use multiple apps, try SureLock. The kiosk mechanism used by SMART Mobile is the one recommended by Google. SureLock has to make changes with every revision of Android, so we opted out of that race.