Connect Server Certificate Expiration - Conflicts

Hi All,
On my SMART 6.3. server my certificates expired. When replacing the certificate on the first desktop with the new certificate and then syncing the process worked no problem, when coming to install the certificate on a second desktop so that both computers with the same CA are able to sync the second computer conflicts. This is obviously a big issue as having to re-download all the CA’s from the server each year when the certificate expires is a massive task. Any ideas?

P.s. this has happened with several CA’s – not just one.

Thanks in Advance!

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Hi Xia,

See this post here - Certificates in SMART hosted servers

Certificates are no longer needed in SMART Connect servers hosted by the partnership. Let us know if you are still having problems though.



Hi Monica,

Is this only for SMART 7 servers? SMART 6.3 still needs the certificates correct?

Great re-SMART 7, will be very good not to have to go through this again in 2023.


Hi there,

Good question! No, this is for any SMART Connect server hosted by the partnership - 6.3 or 7



Oh that’s odd, because all of my CA’s for both the Zambia and Zimbabwe server have kicked us off because of needing a certificate?
Any ideas?

Here is a screenshot.