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Is anyone aware of what is causing CONNECTION ERRORs that seem to occur occasionally on both Smart Mobile and Smart Collect. I initially suspected it may be due to the extreme load shedding (electricity outages) that we are experiencing in South Africa at the moment and the subsequent communication errors it creates with signal etc, however, once power is back on and signal/ wifi restored, the connection error (as per image below), continues and in fact the only way to get rid of it or to be able to then do anything else is to actually delete the entire package from Smart Mobile and reinstall it. This has occurred on both Independant incidents loaded to Smart Mobile as well as loaded through Smart Collect (private packages)

Hi Debby,
Can you check when the problem occurs if you are able to access the website of your Smart Connect by a browser on the phone?

Thank you Oliver - I will do just that when it next occurs and will revert with the outcome. Much appreciated Debby

HI all, I am suspecting the above issue may have been server related? (I run connect off one of the Partner servers), as I have tried uploading a new package last night (Config model) and I received the following error

I then tried again and then got the following error

I also see on the forum there have been 1 or 2 other discussions about issues with the connect servers and thus have thought that this may be the problem - would it be possible for someone to confirm if this may be the case and if so, how can we go about correcting this please?

Hi Debby,

Looks like an issue with the server. I believe the team managing the servers is currently looking into this.

Please expect an update via the forum shortly.

That said, if this is an isolated incident can you please share your server URL so the team can look into it?



Thanks Alex. I am again receiving connection errors and am unable to export data to connect

However, I did then try and go into connection on the server and I was able to access it, so I am not sure what the issue is now. The url for our server is SMART Connect - Login
This is currently creating a lot of issues with unsent data at present
Much appreciated

So just to give more detail on the problem I am experiencing now - below is my recent history of observations -obviously we can see that the bottom one is the problematic incident in that it did not seem to send.

In the past, if there is has been an issue with unsent observations (possibly due to connection issues), then once it is exported it then sends the data

However, every time I click on export, I am now getting the “connection failed” issue

From here onwards I am then unable to send through any other observations - even though as you can see in the top right hand corner - I have full signal and full wifi

I am also unable to update the data model as it tells me I have unsent data and obviously then I need to export the data in order to update, but that brings me back to the first issue, is that every time I try and export, I receive a connection error message.

The only work around solution I have found is to then delete the entire package from the device and to reload. Obviously then I loose the previously loaded observations that did not send through.

Although I can work with this, and re-load packages and re-do observations etc on my own device, it is obviously an issue when it comes to staff and people loading for me - most of whom are a little electronically challenged :). Apart from them not knowing what to do about the issue, we are obviously also are then experiencing huge data gaps.

I am about to now delete the data package on my device and reinstall it but obviously if we can find out what is creating the issue and how to fix it would be great

PS - it is happening on both Android and Smart phones

Hi Debby,

can you create a Bugreport in the app settings. It will create a zip file you can export to your laptop or send it to me. In there is a log file, that might have some more information regarding the error.


Thank you @Oliver - please confirm you direct email address so I can email it directly to you please

Hi Debby,
Send it please to