Continuous crashing of SMART Desktop when manually transferring data

Doesn’t matter how long I wait sometimes, my desktop seems to crash a lot when I manually transfer data with the cable. Is this a version issue (current version is 7.5.6) or is it the processing speed of the laptop?

Hi Matt,

Any way you can upgrade versions? I’m not aware of the specific issue in 7.5.6 but the upgrade might help.

Processing issues can definitely be related to the laptop. Perhaps check the availability of RAM. Depending on the specs of the laptop we can also allocate some additional RAM to SMART processing to see if this helps.



Hi Alex,

I could try to upgrade. Would I need to reupload connect packages to devices if I do upgrade or does the backup of the conservation area retain the Connect ID irrespective?

I suspect the age of the laptop is limiting the overall performance. Time for an upgrade!

Kind regards