Custom Language Pack

Hi everyone, a quick question.

Is it possible for me to generate a custom language package by myself? If so, how do I go about this?

I am currently working as a consultant for a government department. As part of their adoption plan, they want to change some of the terms used in SMART Desktop & SMART Mobile to something more familiar to them, and less technical. Example: Conservation Area → Database, or Configurable Data Model → Digital Form.

I figured the easiest way to go about this is via language packs, hence, the idea to have a custom language pack. Is this idea feasible?

Thank you,

Not really. You can translate the data model categories and attributes etc within the application easily to customize those things to your own terminolgy etc. But the main system text would require a completely new language pack that is generated in the software development environment and then packed into a file you can install onto desktop SMART. That is all technically possibly since SMART is open source, but I don’t recommend attempting it unless you have a lot of experience in the Eclipse IDE and Java software development and packaging areas.

I can send you a blank translation pack to review so you can get a sense for how much effort it would be to change the text you want. Then if you wanted to go ahead with it, Refractions could build that translation pack into a new (fake) language pack for you in roughly a 1/2 day of effort if the organization your working for has the budget for that. Feel free to email me if you are interested, our contact info is here Refractions Research : Contact

Thank you Jeff, the data model is indeed already typed out based on internal terminology.

Will discuss this with my client and e-mail you for further action.