Cybertracker multi list fast tap key

Hi all,

Is it possible to configure a multi list to introduce counts, like “fast tap” mode in Cybertracker?

We’d like to collect data from different age courts categories during population census, so add quickly counts of individual of each age court category are needed.

Thus, add or remove individual for each category, it’s easier than open each category, tap the count, exit, and repeat this process again and again. That is difficult when we work with ungulates or high mobility and small species like rabbits.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Ana,

In SMART 7 we do have a “multi-list” attribute option that you can create in your data model (See below). Please feel free to add more clarity in case I have misunderstood your requirement.

I think it is not the same that Ana is suggesting. The multilist option in SMART allows you to select different items at the same time.

But, the “fast-lap” option, that was available in Cybertracker was very useful when you are counting different herds of animals and you have to add or subtract this count as you detect them…
This means that you need to change the number of individuals of different ages/sexes as they emerge. Imaging collecting data as: male, female, male, male, juvenil, male, indeterminate, female…wrong it is a juvenile(substracting one) :grinning: I hope it helps to visualise the question.

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Thanks @jblanco , that’s what I meant :smiley:

Hi Anna and Jose,

In short, no, there’s not currently a mechanism in SMART Mobile to do this but, this sounds like an interesting feature.

Perhaps we can detail what this might look like, what would be the requirements and how it would be used, then we can add this as a feature request for future versions of the application.



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