Data export - question

Hello! Is there a way to export all observations stored in SMART along with the attached files? I would like the exported table, for example in CSV format, to include a column with meaningful names for the exported files. While I know that exporting a CSV is possible and photos can be exported to a local folder, I’m unsure how to relate them to the data in the table. This feature would be valuable for those looking to import all data into a different database or program. Additionally, it would be beneficial for sharing data with individuals who do not use SMART.

It would be fantastic to have such an option in the next version of SMART, if it is not possible to do currently.

You can create a simple query of all observations and put an attached image and/or the attachment filename in each row in your report table.

That can be useful for sharing a list of observations and related images or filenames. It might take a bit more effort to read and import that into another system, but it should be possible. And certainly showing the rows + images in a report should make a useful document or link (Connect’s shared links can work for non-smart users) to share with non-smart users would be possible and fairly straightforward.

There is documentation on how to do report designs with attachments here:

FYI, this is SMART V7.X and higher only.

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Thanks jeffloun! I’m aware of the option to include attachments in reports, but it’s not an ideal solution for exporting hundreds of observations. Some of our CAs have gathered around 10k observations, many with photos. Additionally, embedded images in reports may experience reduced quality (if I’m correct). Therefore, having the option to save images in their original quality with unique names, linked to corresponding names in a CSV column, is still a highly desirable feature.

Currently, attachments in reports are not working properly. You have to look for workarounds, but the result is not ideal. We hope that the problem will be fixed in new versions of the program.
(How to export attachments?)
Therefore, I agree with yurastrus that the function of meaningful attachment names is very necessary.