Data Partition for growth smart dataset

Hello colleagues

We have smart dataset since 2015 and we have successfully upgraded to smart without problem. The dataset now reached 100GB riches of photo from the field.

Looking for the recommendation for the future operation,

  • What the step to deviding the apps or dataset into period such as monthly or yearly stored on file-folder base, smart-2023, smart-2024 and so on.
  • Does all separated dataset are possible to merge into one dataset?
  • Does above method will work if we are implementing smart-connect for smart-desktop?

Thank you in advance

Best regard

Hello Usman,
I’m not aware of any way to divide the storage of you SMART data into separate folders, as it’s stored in a single database. There are some tools to help you manage and minimize the size of your storage. The SMART CA Size Report provides recommendations on how to manage particular data sets, and the Batch Image Resizer can be used to significantly reduce the amount of space taken up by images.