Data set binding columns

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When I produce reports and attach data sets I always get many data set binding categories of which are not associated with the query I have selected (see screen shot). I watched revently the explainer video for reporting (basic) and when the instructor selected his binding columns there were only the ones associated with the query he chose. Does anyone know why I am seeing all the possible attributes (data binding columns)? It makes life difficult in reporting having to try to find the right attributes I need.

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Those are other attributes in the data model that could be associated with the query - though depends on the specific query. I’m assuming the video you watched probably had a summary query? Those bindings only have the specific outputs from the query itself.

If you look at theoriginal Query, you can select the specific columns you want to display with that specific query into the Report. Even though it says in the Query that it will only take columns that have data in still go through and select relevant column names and save the Query, bring it into the Report and da the same process.