Data sets not updating on report

Hello everyone. A colleague has been having trouble with reports after making changes to the data model.
Changing attribute values doesn’t seem to cause problems.
Changing attribute names sure does, even though keys are left unmodified.
The problem is that tables and smart map loose their binding to the data sets.
I tried updating the bindings right clicking on the report list, on the Data Sets folder and individually on each data set.
Also tried manually reassigning the data set from the table properties but it dosn’t work anymore.

Another thing I tried: starting over with a new CA, import everything, redo the queries, rebind the tables to the new queries, and then I’m back on the beginning: can modify attribute values but if I change the names everything crashes.


Making changes to queries or the data model after a report has been created is not recommended, or shoudl at least be done very carefully. In general the best thing to do if you want to continue using a report is to remove the table, map, etc, from the report and re-add it once you have made changes to the query or data model. As you said, changes to attribute vales can sometimes be done without consequence (but be careful with summary queries), but changing names of attributes or categories can cause problems. The reason for this is that the report (perhaps counter-intuitively) do not use the keys to define values or fields in tables.