Data synchronize error

A problem occurred while synchronizing to SMART Connect. The error message is: “Error: Could not create change log package: The change log table on server has been cleaned up since your last request. You must re-download the entire conservations area from SMART Connect for reestablish replication”. It happens when I sync after 3 to 4 days. How can I increase days?

Hi Fakhrul,

Do you have multiple users accessing and editing the database?

Is it possible different users are editing the same items (i.e. processing data)?

If so, this may be an issue of multiple users trying to edit the same information leading to a conflict when trying to upload / download changes. To avoid this it is best practice to have some procedures in place regarding who is editing what and when. We should also be careful to ensure users synchronize with the server upon logging in and logging out.

If this is not the case there may be another issue for which we will require you to share your error log for further review.



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