Data Upload to SMART Connect


I am facing this challenge, any ideas of how I can overcome it?

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Hi !

I’ve had the same problem with SMART Connect in Congo for 5 days now.

Hi everyone,
Please increase your timeout settings in Smart Desktop in the configuration settings for Connect.
When your CAs increase in size transmitting changes take more and more time


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Hi Oliver

I’ve tried to change the SMART Connect processing timeout gradually to 800 seconds, but it doesn’t work.
I get the same error message when I synchronize all my storage areas (more than 10 conservation areas).
I’ve also asked the individual database managers to update their databases to see if the problem is with my computer, but they’re having the same problem as me.

You might have to try even a much bigger value. It depends a lot on the size of your ca and the changes and also on your network speed. For example a satellite uplink can be very slow

Hi Oliver,

I’ve tried everything but it doesn’t work well.
I have a very good internet connection on my site.

Is there another solution?